Friday, November 10, 2006


Originally uploaded by Tommy the Artist.
OffKey is a painting I recently finished using a technique I learned in John
Salmanin'S Workshop in New Orleans. First you define shapes using arbitrary
materials you find in magazines such as Architectual Digest, or other design
oriented magazines. Then you transfer the design to a sheet of watercolor
paper using one of several methods to enlarge the design. I use my computer
because it is easier for me. Next you decide on a center of interest and
paint your shapes with colors which assist the eye to fine the COI. Finally,
I use collage to enhance my painting in and around the center of interest.
There is much more I will explain in my workshop this next April. I hope you
like OffKey - notice that the seventh note fell out of the COI.

Uploaded by Tommy the Artist on 7 Nov '06, 4.14pm CST.
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